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Forecasting Solutions

Improve customer satisfaction and profitability
with a collaborative, integrated, supply chain planning process.

Products : Collaborative Forecasting and Demand Planning

Increase forecast accuracy with advanced statistics, demand signals, and market inputs.


Our Solution provides the customer with enhanced forecasting and demand-planning capabilities. Our engine enables to forecast using the existing product characteristics, and hides all the complicated statistical methodologies from operator view.

Key Features:

  • Our collaborative forecasting engine enables to improve forecast accuracy by merging statistical forecasts with global, regional and/or customer-specific demand indicators, with inputs provided by customers and sales team. Our engine can automatically identify product seasonality and trends, as well as account for promotions.
  • Our demand-planning engine has the ability to automatically create additional demand plans for production and deployment purposes.
  • Our operator-friendly tool set enables to roll forecast up or down the product hierarchy to analyze the forecast at any level of detail.