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Tele Communications

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Tele Communications

We focus on communications software, it's complicated but we know it well. For its product development we have a wealth of relevant service experience and product expertise.

Mature solutions: We have a very extensive portfolio of software products which have been developed over many years; they are complete, extensively field-tested and proven to interoperate with other communications products. We can build your new product on our strong foundation.

Reduced time-to-revenue: We offer widely deployed and interoperability-tested "off-the-shelf" products for 3G system development.

3G expertise: VBS is a member of all the major standards bodies such as the 3GPP Forum, the UMTS Forum, ETSI, IETF and the SIP Forum. We're constantly tracking the rapid evolution of mobile technologies, so you don't have to.

Cellular technology know-how: We're experts at managing issues such as handover, roaming, routing, and security in mobile environments.

Interoperability: We understand the complex communication requirements between the gateway, the base station and the servers providing authentication, authorization and accounting, and we make sure that everything is seamless for the mobile end user.

Support and maintenance: VBS will help you support and maintain your picocell or femtocell system once it's deployed.

Why VBS VoIP Solutions

VBS delivers a host of comprehensive and state-of-the-art communications software services to facilitate easy development and deployment of VoIP networks. At VBS we believe strongly that IP-based voice is the future of telecommunications and hence are keenly focused on developing cutting-edge IP-based voice communication solutions.

VBS VoIP Services

VBS provides its clients a unique blend of services in technical consultancy, product development, testing, cost reduction re-engineering and sustenance services on VoIP network nodes and software components. Since the inception of its software services offerings, VBS has been continually reshaping future technologies by providing the following next-generation solutions and services for a worldwide clients.

Technical Consultancy

Product road map development Product evolution strategy, such as the Home Location Register (HLR) to Home Subscriber Server (VBS) Node definition services Platform migration planning.

Product Development Services

Design and development in the signaling plane, the media plane, network Element Management System (EMS) (Embedded and Network management System (NMS)), and VoIP applications Node development, such as IP Phones, IP- Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs), Residential Gateways, Media Gateways, Softswitches, Session Border Controllers (SBCs), VBS's, P/I/S-Call Session Control Functions (CSCFs), and Application Servers System development, such as the Board Support Package (BSP).

Testing Services

Node-specific system testing (Load and Performance testing) Functionality testing Interoperability testing of the various nodes

Network testing

Cost Reduction Re-engineering Platform migration from propriety platforms to modular platforms, such as ATCA

Maintenance Services

24x7 network maintenance support for VoIP and IMS networks Back-to-back SLA support for enterprise customers as well as Service Providers.