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Lever streamlines the hiring process and simplifies the Applicant Tracking System,
so that recruiters and hiring managers can focus on what truly matters: their candidates.


PEOPLE are the most important resource of any organization! This sounds like a cliché, but in reality, the management of people plays a key role in the activities of the organizations, while being the most complex and specialized activity.

With our comprehensive and easy-to-use software, VBS-HRM® efficiently helps you manage your recruitment process using one dashboard that's accessible 24/7 from any device, anywhere in the world.

Features of VBS-HRM® are:

  • Automation of the routine activities in HRM, freeing up resources to work on the development and continuous improvement of the processes
  • Formalization of the HRM processes in the organization, ensuring compliance with the established rules and facilitating the management of human capital, regardless of the number of employees and their physical location
  • VBS-HRM® integrates all activities related to HRM and provides monitoring of their connections, operational access and analysis of the full information for the purpose of making the best management decisions.

Recruitment Features include

  • Recruiter Dashboard
  • Easier Job Posting
  • Populating Talent Pool and Searchable database
  • Candidate match for the requirement
  • Interview Scheduler
  • Progress Tracking System
  • Multi-user access and Report Generation