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SAP Services

We are your central service provider for all concerns around your SAP system:
implementation, management, support and maintenance from a single source.

SAP Services

As SAP continues to expand its solutions to include advanced analytics and big data federation as well as cloud solutions, the need for specialized resources becomes even more critical.

When this happens, you can count on The Victory Business Solutions Inc for support. The Baer Group’s consultants are industry specific and process oriented across the entire enterprise suite of SAP solutions.

Our firm has a successful track record of finding and providing the right candidates for a wide array of SAP ERP, Business Suite and HANA solutions and expanded acquisition technologies such as SuccessFactors, BusinessObjects and Ariba – across 23 SAP strategic industries.

With our extensive SAP expertise and multi-disciplinary business backgrounds, Victory Business Solutions Inc consultants can deliver a broad range of SAP solutions. These include:

  • Business Process Automation
  • Commerce on the web
  • B2B Procurement
  • Interface Technologies
  • Legacy system integration
  • SAP Custom Module Development
  • Custom Reporting/ Web Reporting
  • SAPScript and Custom Forms
  • SAP cross-industry solutions
  • Logistics